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Our companies offer loss control departments to help provide safer workplace environments, thus reducing time lost due to employee injuries. Claims payment records are timely and accurate. Attentive fraud departments are available to assist our customers.

Personal Lines

Personal lines insurance is a property and casualty insurance policy to protect individuals and families rather than a business. Personal lines insurance agents typically offer car, home, health and life insurance to individuals and families.

Health Insurance

When you buy an insurance plan, you join a group of other people to combine your healthcare purchasing power. That way, everyone shares the cost of staying healthy. You also agree to pay a monthly fee in exchange for a variety of benefits.

Additional Services

Are you already a client of Daul Insurance? We now offer a 24/7, self-service individualized portal for your business. You can report a claim, print auto ID cards and access any policy documents any time you may need them.

Our mission is to constantly improve ourselves, our agency and our community. Our guiding principle is to act in the best interest of our customer at all times. The litmus test for every decision is... “What’s best for the customer?”

New microchip credit cards will keep banks safe but will they do the same for you?

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Following the massive data breaches at Target and Neiman Marcus, credit card companies will be implementing new microchips for credit cards. There will be many changes coming in the next year and a half when new laws will make the company with the least up-to-date technology liable for breaches.



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